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What is Writership?

Writership is a year-long, online program that provides the tools, knowledge, encouragement, and accountability for you to pen the novel you've always wanted to write. We guide you every step of the way, from before you write your first line all the way through publication. Ready to do a little dream chasing with us? 

Writership 2014 set sail on March 1st. Registration is now closed. Sign up and we'll let you know when the next journey launches. Bonus: you'll be a part of our community of writers looking to build their craft. We'll help.

With a combined half-century of experience writing, editing, and teaching, we support and guide aspiring writers, helping them more easily access their creative genius, release their fear, hone their craft, and most importantly, tell their stories.


"I'd love to recommend Writership for reluctant yet curious writers like myself who want to explore their literary talents and their potential as writers. I felt welcomed, safe, and comfortable enough to express myself without fear of judgment. The published authors are excellent and were extremely encouraging to this neophyte writer 'wannabe.' "  -Joe M.

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"I never realized how important and almost cathartic it could be to talk about what I love with like-minded people, not only about our own personal styles of writing but the specific tools that we use on a daily basis to write. I highly recommend getting involved with Writership because they are encouraging, honest, and open minded! Ahoy!"  -Natasha D.
"An open, welcoming atmosphere and experienced leaders made this writing workshop flow and the words fall from my pen. I enjoyed sharing what I had written in the short amount of time and hearing their writing as well. They made me comfortable and gave good feedback. These women have the tools to encourage you and help your writing flourish!"  -Amie K.